Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Book Three: Rust Sword

The Third Book of Lore of DayONE Now Available on Kindle!

Rust Sword (Lore of Day ONE)  | http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005DSUUQ8

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Rules of the Game

Click HERE to view the original DayONE Rules as designed in 1998

A. A. Wolfner author of: Ivory Sword and Bronze Sword

Proposed Lore of DayONE Publications

Proposed Library of the Lore of DayONE

Wisdom Literature - a compilation of all the chapter headings, sorted by topic

Folkways - a compilation of all the poetry and bard tales, annotated with explanations, speculations, cross references to events, etc.

Critical Edition of the Lore of DayONE - each page in smaller font on top above the line; below the line are specific comments and explanations like character identification, philosophical principles (not fluff,, but explaining what the point of view is); historical perspectives, geography clarified, insights into characters, etc. -in the style of annotated translations of ancient works.

Complete Lore of DayONE - all four books in one volume

The Worlds of Lacuna - essays on the nature of the Messengers, the 6 worlds, the 6 sisters, the 6 teachers, the ravens, the portals, the guardians, the Eved Sheliac, the Ton Yhw, the 'Ar, the keys, the nature of the Swords of Power, the items of great worth,

Origins of the Eved Sheliac - background discussion on the main characters - who they are, personal history and aspirations, etc

The Attributes of DayONE - The Six Attributes and Free Will: describing the attributes, the amoral Superverse, the nature of free vs. natural will, Focus, the Messengers' plans, the concepts of existence vs. non-existence, Emptiness, etc

Focus of DayONE - describe the attributes of each character broken down by the 6 sources of Focus. What is his/her ethos, component of illicitness, idea of aesthetic beauty, attitudes toward their somatic body, use of intelligence to address issues, physical and emotional component of the Physical focus, etc

Chapter and Verse - compilation of the chapter headings as the Wisdom of Lore of DayONE, but sorted by chapter to tell the sub-story.

Victor's tale - compilation of the prologues and epilogues with explanation of Victor's destiny

The Sentients - description of the races, their history, their role in the "grand scheme" of the Messengers, and the importance of Humans for asking and answering the great questions

Flora and Fauna - descriptions of the non-Sentients and semi-sentient (Garkin, Mahund, etc) and their ecology

Colors - analysis of the use of color in the Lore of DayONE