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Version 1.2
Terms and Idioms
 “Ceux qui aime l’eau, Suivez-moi!” – The battle cry of the Fay Elves
“The Captured Bear” – An inn of Garrison Creek on the road to Bear Castle
“Then tha sad toso ohi nero”. – The battle cry of the Liosdoackalfar Elves
Azazel – An exclamation of disgust or distaste; arose from an unknown ancient source of unrelieved despair.
Feast of the Full Moon – A festival of the Kalli, who are party animals
Hoary Dwarves – colloquial name for the Twergusi Dwarves
Kalli – colloquial name for the Kallikantzaroi  Centaurs
Night of the Carrot & Parsnip Harvest – Festival of the Kalli, who are party animals
Night of the Full Moon – A festival of the Kalli, who are party animals
The Dragon Wars – Wars among Syrons and Dragons that weakened the Draco-Syron Empire
Alfar Forest – Also called the Gray Forest, home to the Alfar Elves, northwest of Bear Castle
Alfasae forest – Forest to the East and South of the Dies Irae Plains
Baklov Forest – Forest containing the Forbidden Swamp, home of Henglof’s Antipoles Dwarves and the Kallikantzaroi.
 Oak Forest – Old forest in the western foothills of the Liosdoackalfar Mountains
Baklov Marsh – Original name of the Forbidden Swamp
 Bay of Qaba – Large bay at the western shore of the Empire; the map of the western sea is a Fay secret
Forbidden Marsh – Home of vile creatures, separating the Kingdoms of Brocland
Great River Rancor – The principal home of the Fay, southeast of the Hills of Rancor
Lokvas’ Waterfall – In the Oak Forest, Lokvas’ legendary home, now part of Half-Elf Kingdom
River Neptyria –  River flowing west from the Alfasae Forest to the Liosdoackalfar Mountains
Dale of Conception – Located in the southern Empire near the Twergusi Burrow
Dark Pass – in the Doackfar Mountains, also known as the Winter Pass
Dies Irae plains – Plains outside the port city of Qaba
Eikah – The plains near the Citadel, often the site of major battles for Imperial power
Foothills of Sessaly – Mountainous area near Grimmoak’s Kingdom in the northwestern Empire
Safe Path – Granite blocks in the Forbidden Marsh between the Dwarven and Kalli Kingdoms
Sa-Lina’s canyon – Hidden Canyon, near the River Neptyria
Selnor’s Pass – A northern pass through the Liosdoackalfar Mountains
Valley of Rancor – The area just south of the Hills of Rancor
White Pass – The summer trade route through the Liosdoackalfar Mountains
Eastern Mountains – The eastern boundary of the Empire, virtually never crossed
Great Western Mountains – Mountains north and east of the Citadel
Hills of Rancor – Hills to south and west of the Dies Irae Plains
Liosdoack Mountains – Principal north-south range, original elf-home, houses  Syron Aerie
Mountain of Taman – Site of the Great Temple in the Doackfar Mountains; center of the ancient Draco-Syron Empire
Political Boundaries
Draco-Syron Empire – Defeated by the Elves, the first major Empire of the World of Taman
Elfin Empire – Successor to the Draco-Syron Empire
Evelcand – A major Fay inland port near Alfasae Forest, west of Liosdoackalfar Mountains
Glosfell and Hindlands – The two fiefs that merged to create Hindfell
Great Concessions – The agreement that divided Brocland and established the Wine Trade
Lesser Elfland – The colloquial name for the Empire south of the port of Qaba
Liosdoackfar lands – The current Elfin Empire, from the Eastern Sea to the Western Mountains
Plains of Rancor –Plains on the inland side of the Hills of Rancor, north of the River Rancor
Port of Qaba – The port area that serves Lesser Elfland, in the city of Qaba
Qaba – City on the southern shore of the Bay of Qaba. The Citadel is near the northern shore
The Syron Academy – Ancient training ground for the Syron Za’amiel warriors
Burrow – underground home of the ancient Twergusi Dwarves, who would die in the sunlight
The Aerie – Home of the Syrons, near the destroyed Temple in the Liosdoackalfar Mountains
Trans-Liosdoackalfar – Lands to the west of the Liosdoackalfar Mountains
 Xalani camps – Wherever the nomadic human horse worshipers stay, e.g. by the River Neptyria
Antipoles’ kingdom – Generic name for a kingdom of the Forest Dwarves, usually Brocland
Bear Castle – Home to Lionard, King of the Human fiefdoms, at the northwest of the Empire
Brocland – The eastern region of the Baklov Forest as defined by the Great Compromise
Citadel – The principal castle of the Elfin Empire, housing the Privy Council and the Granite Throne Dwarven Forests – The Garrison Creek – A small town on the road from the eastern hills to Hindfell
Grand Duchy – Human fief known as Hindfell, now owned by the Grand Duchess Margaret
Heorot – Capital of the Kalli Kingdom, east of the Forbidden Swamp, home of Kontrakov
Hindfell – Fief of the Grand Duchess Margaret, and home of Victoria
House of King Praginov – central structure of Heorot, home of the Kalli Centaurs
Jurinia –fief of the Earl of Harwan that includes the town of Garrison Creek
Kallikantzaroiling – the nation of the Kallikantzaroi Centaurs
King Grimmoak’ Forest Keep – Stone and wood fortress of Grimmoak’s Forest Dwarves
King Henglof’s Antipoles Forest Court – Forest home of King Henglof
Corridor of the Rewards Processions – A section of the Kalli King’s city at Heorot
Great Hall of the Castle Keep – Main hall of the Bear Castle
Great Temple – The ancient stronghold of the Syrons and Dragons, dedicated to Taman
Pokojeje – Mysterious tree that grows in the center of the Great Hall of the Citadel
Road to the Alfars’ Gray Forest – A trade route off the main road from Hindfell
Road to the Dwarven Lands of Grimmoak – Trade route off the main road from Hindfell
Road to the Mountains – Trade route off the main road from Hindfell, with The Citadel beyond
Road to the Twergusi markets – Trade route off the main road from Hindfell
The Cave of Relics – A cave in the Aerie where Syrons stored ancient relics
The Syron Academy – Ancient training ground for the Syron Za’amiel warriors
Trade routes – The wine trade among the Kalli, Half-elves, Humans, Elves, and Dwarfs
Twergusi Trade Road – Any main road leading ultimately to the Burrow
Drulain – The Elfin leader of the Horse Thieves
Hortgrange – The Dwarven leader of the Horse Thieves
A Kallikantzaroiling (Kalli) is a combination of an Alfar Elf and a unicorn (Avarim)
The head, arms, and torso of the Alfarian replace the head and neck of the unicorn.
Kallikantzaroi – the Centaurs, related to the Lios Elves and the Unicorns
Gray Poet – King Praginov’s servant and herald
Igor – Third cousin to Queen Anna; King Praginov’s trusted servant and Prince Kontrakov’s mentor
Ivan and Evan – King Praginov’s soldiers
Karelia – Kalli wet nurse employed by Grand Duchess Margaret
King Praginov – Aged King of the Kalli; King Solay’s vassal
Prince Alyesha – Second son of King Praginov and Queen Anna
Prince Fyedov – First son of King Praginov and Queen Anna
Prince Kontrakov – King Praginov’s bastard son
Queen Anna – King Praginov’s younger wife
Winsorsk – King Praginov’s Blacksmith
An Onocentaur (Donk) is an entity that resembles the combination of a Human and a donkey
The head, arms, and torso of the Human had replace the head and neck of the donkey.
Dybbuk Amore – Human Leader of the Spectral Dragoons
The Shadow – Elfin Leader of the Spectral Dragoons
A Leontocentaur is an entity that resembles the combination of an Antipolian Dwarf and a Great Lion
The head, arms, and torso of the Dwarf had replaced the head and neck of the Lion.
Ancient race of Sentients, who once ruled the World of Taman
Dwarves of the Forest and woodlands; collective name for the two major tribes of Forest Dwarves
Captain Pranhaun – A Dwarven mercenary employed by the Twergusi Dwarves; assigned to Guntha
Captain Zeigfold – A Dwarven mercenary employed by Grand Duchess Margaret
King Henglof and King Grimmoak –Antipoles (Forest) Dwarves Kings; King Solay’s vassal
Both Kings claim to be the true ruler of all the Antipoles and rightful title-holder to the Oak Throne
Lubrang, Mirliv, Rewlmark, Schab, Sergeant Murbarg, Urstand, Vanir, and Yalbarn –Mercenaries
All of them are employed by Grand Duchess Margaret
Tallest of all the Dwarven tribes
Guntha – An orphan raised by the Twergusi Dwarves.
Ancient line of dwarves sometimes referred to as the Hoary Dwarves or the Twerg –
Their only home is known as the ‘The Burrow’
These Ancient Dwarves have been moneylenders to Heorot and to the Citadel
The pre-Draco-Syron Elves
Lokvas – Last of the pre-Draco-Syron Elves
Elves of the forests and woods
Council of Thirty-Six Princes – The ruling body of the Alfar Confederation
Elm Society – Semi-secret coalition of Alfar Princes, the power behind the Council of Thirty-Six
Forest Elves – The Alfar Elves, who live in the northern forests of the Alfar Confederation
Princes –
Members of the Elm Society of thirty-six Alfarian leaders who rule the Alfars.
Karchise (Crotaire) – Diplomat employed by King Praginov as Minister of Trade and Protocol
Elves of the rivers and seas that live at the southwestern edge of the Empire
Black Swan Knights – Male warrior troop of the Fay Elves, responsible only to King Ceagare
King Ceagare – King of the Water Elves; King Solay’s vassal
King Youndar – King Ceagare’s Father
Otter Division – Veteran troops mostly recruited from the Sea elves
Prince Higaire – King Ceagare’s Brother; ambassador to other Elfin courts
River Divisions – Veteran troops mostly recruited from the River elves
Shark Troops – King Ceagare’s honor guard recruited from Otter and River; King Ceagare leads this military unit
Sonus Kraken (Swan Knights) – The special Honor Guard to King Ceagare
Walec – A Black Swan Knight
White Swan Knight – Female warrior brigade controlled by King Ceagare
Mountain Elves consisting of two separate Klans – Lios and Doack
Charlis – A Dagda scout of the 5th Blood Guard;  a Lios Elf
Council of Nobles – Also known as the Privy Council, it is the legislature of the Elfin Empire
Crown Prince Louis – First son of King Solay and Queen Pierremur; heir to the throne
d’Hamdire – Cousin of King Solay
Dagdae (s. Dagda) are the Elfin honor guard of King Solay and his sons. 
Delirant – Elf that Prince Morais befriended
Doack – Mountain Elf, also known as Dark Elves because they originally lived in caves
King Orleth – King Solay’s stepfather
King Osgourd – Destroyed the Great Temple’s influence; turned all Elves against shape shifters
King Poudoir – First Elfin King
King Solay – Emperor of the Liosdoackfar (mountain elves) Empire
Lae’tesa, Earl of LaSalle – Father of d’Hamdire
Lapres LaHogue – A Dagda of the 1st Battalion of the 4th Blood Guards; a Doack Elf
Lios – Mountain Elves, also known as the Light Elves because they lived on the high mountains, near mountaintops
Prince Adrien – Sixth son of King Solay and Queen Pierremur
Prince Ils & Prince Morais – Solay & Pierremur’s third & fourth sons; fraternal twins; One a Minister of Trade; the other a dandy.
Solay decreed that Ils was born first when he appointed him Minister of Trade
Prince Loubet – Second son of King Solay and Queen Pierremur
Prince Louis – First son of King Solay and Queen Pierremur
Prince Prenier – Fifth son of King Solay and Queen Pierremur
Princess Penelope – Daughter of King Solay and Queen Pierremur
Private Jean – A Dagda of the 6th Blood Guard; a Lios Elf
Private Rue – A Dagda, 2nd Blood Guard; standard-bearer to Crown Prince Louis; a Doack Elf
Privy Council – Also called the Council of Nobles, legislature of the Elfin Empire
Queen Pierremur – Wife of King Solay; Empress of Liosdoackalfar Empire
Royal Blood Guards – Divisions of the  Imperial Army; each assigned to a different member of the Royal Family
Half-Elves (Zuebotschniks)
Elf-like, with coldly gleaming eyes, hair and beards the color of ivy, and long narrow faces.
They have two small curling horns on each side of their heads and cloven goat-like hoofs
Bobalon the Bow Master – Self-proclaimed ‘enlightened’ leader of the Zuebotschnik
Goftarg and Telrong – Soldiers loyal to Bobalon
Half Elf females – lived in Elder groves and were called Elder mothers
Half Elf males – usually lived in Oak groves and were often called Oakmen
Nab-Croon – A legendary tall Zuebotschnik with golden-hair and dark complexion
Oakmen – Legendary inhabitants of the Oak Forest
Zuebotschnik – Half Elf tribe living in the Oak Forest; also known as Oakmen
Gunnar – An ancient Hero around whom many legends have formed.
Hogni – An ancient Hero, friend of Gunnar.
Captured Bear’s Innkeeper and a servant girl
Count George – The husband of Princess Hortense
Crown Prince Wilfred – Son of King Lionard and Queen Leona;  Heir to the Human throne
Duke Alfred – Husband of Duchess Margaret; brother-in-law to Duke Ramon
Duke Ramon – Vassal to King Lionard; brother to Duchess Margaret
Earl of Harwan – Vassal to King Lionard; distant cousin of Cortinio Harwan
Ellen – A lady-in-waiting to Hortense
Grand Duchess Margaret – The ruler of the Grand Duchy of Hindfell
Harold – An old honored warrior; once in King Lionard’s service
Hazel – A wet nurse employed by Grand Duchess Margaret
Head of the Xalani
Innkeeper and Bar maid –
Jalvin – Female member of the Xalani
Karen of Glosfell – Duke Ramon’s widow; King Lionard’s second wife (Queen Karen)
King Lionard (Tel’nard) – Human King and vassal to King Solay.
His nickname has been the “Beast Rider”
Leona of Harwan – King Lionard’s first wife
Melissa – Daughter of the Grand Duchess Margaret
Priest of the Xalani
Prince Thomas – Fourth son of King Lionard and Queen Leona
Princess Hortense – Pregnant daughter of King Lionard
Robert – Zabrina’s son
Victoria – Daughter of the Grand Duchess Margaret
Xalani – Migrant Tribe of horse worshippers
Zabrina – Lord Bythron’s Serf
Lacuna – The Messenger of the Seventh; Center of Perfect Emptiness
Misao – One of the six Messengers; Messenger of Intellectual Traits
Silva – One of the six Messengers; Messenger of Somatic Traits
Taman – One of the six Messengers; Messenger of Illicit Traits
Tvar – One of the six Messengers; Messenger of Physical Traits
Vatra – One of the six Messengers; Messenger of Ethical Traits
Vidi – One of the six Messengers; Messenger of Aesthetic Traits
Garkin – A twelve-foot tall winged Bat-like-Bear ogre
Kelpie – Beautiful wild Gray Horses that hunt for Human or Elfin blood
 Mekosaur – large creature sold by Half-Elves for use in battle
Ravens – Colored tailed ravens; avatars of the Messengers
Sea Orcs – Sea Monsters
Whowie – A lizard with six legs that can swallow a man whole

The female has large; beautiful leathery wings, claws similar to an eagle adapted for walking; cat-like yellow eyes.
Ht: F 7’6” – 8’ 6”; Wt: F 90 – 140
The male is shorter, stockier, and has only vestigial wings
M 5’ 2” – 6’ 0”; M 150 – 250 lbs
Asthea – A Ranger employed by Duchess Margaret; Sirocena’s Sister; Palmodia’s daughter
Lita sisters – Rolatese is in love with the four Lita sisters and is enamored of their large wings
Ranis – Old crippled Syron Ranger
Rolatese – Young unmarried male Syron who ran away for adventure
Sirocena – A Ranger employed by Duchess Margaret; Asthea’s Sister; Palmodia’s daughter
Vertese – Young unmarried male; son of Salglorion the Huntress
Za’amiel – A much-feared Syron Warrior Class
A group of ancient Sentients; original mission was to influence and teach.
They can no longer effect change; they can only ask questions. In some realms, they have the nickname, “Fisher”
Davar Olam – Taman’s Teacher
Horin Olam – Tvar’s Teacher
Mehadrin Olam – Vidi’s Teacher
Oseh Olam – Silva’s Teacher
Rofeh Olam (Ra-olam) – Vatra’s Teacher
Tikkun Olam – Misao’s Teacher
Vestal Sisters (Six First Wives)
Daibo Jikumor Aishta (Ishtara) – Mother of the Elves
Mooncow (Ta-Les) – Mother of Dragons and Xhon; Queen of the Forbidden Marsh
 Queen Qa’Al – Mother of Syrons and Xhon; High Priestess of the Great Temple
Rachelle – The youngest Sister, who has gone missing
Ramdierh (Fiwowapla and Uggadeklin) – Lady of the Mist and the Sword; Mother of Dragons
Sa-Lina – Mother of Onocentaurs (Donks)
There are two physical types of Xhon. One line akin to Qa’Al and Ramdierh, the other akin to Mooncow
D’ergath Xhon – Famous among the Twergusi Dwarves; son of Mooncow
Lm’mergath Xhon – A corrupted Xhon; Mooncow’s champion and son