Lore of an Amoral World - the DayONE novels

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There are six corners of the Superverse, and thus six Attributes of Lacuna. The Lacuna is the Center, and it is the Source. The Ring of Hexagons has a center, which is the root of Every and the essence of Not. The Why and the Why Not collapse in the Lacuna, but the Attributes embody the Why Not, or TonYhw, the Question that holds all Questions. The Messengers of the Lacuna became conscious, and fought to learn the answers, but no answer was in the void of the Lacuna. The Source cannot be the Receiver, and could not possess what it did not receive, so there were no Answers and the Ton Yhw remained a mystery. The Messengers set forth the forty-nine Worlds, and the six aspects of the root of Lacuna, to learn from and complete all Answers. To face the Lacuna is to face Emptiness, where there are no answers and there is only one question – Why Not?

The Worlds of the Messengers
The Messengers arose from the Lacuna to discover Why Not in order to Answer the Ton Yhw and complete the Ring of Hexagons. They fought and were reborn in a cycle that could only be broken by bringing forth the Worlds. The Worlds filled the Superverse with creation and destruction, life and death, question and answer. Only then could there be answers of Why and Why Not. Each Messenger brought forth Worlds of its Attribute, and seeded entities comprised of Six Attributes in varying combinations. Each World is Seven Worlds. The World of the First Level of Power, the World of the Second Level of Power, and so on to the World of the Sixth Level of Power, surrounds and informs the nearly empty center. This Center is not Empty, for only Lacuna is Empty, but this Center is a Gateway to the Lacuna. When all Six Attributes reveal that they One at the Center, enter the blocked Gateway between the Center and the Lacuna. The seven Worlds of each Attribute, brought forth by its Messenger, are thus forty-nine Worlds, separate and apart, each with their own Answers, but none with the resolution of the Ton Yhw. The Fiftieth Level of the Lacuna is the Lacuna, which is Empty, only as it fills with the answer to Ton Yhw when entered through the six Gateways of the Six Attributes, from their Centers, which are the Seventh Worlds, beyond the Sixth Level of Power.

The Levels of Power
The Messengers brought forth Worlds within Worlds, Six Worlds. Each of the Six Worlds is cosmic projections of their Worlds within them, all of which are at a single Level of Power.
The First Level of Power holds the Worlds of Suffering, where living entities struggle to exist, to be born, and die each day in a glorious cycle of Life.
The Second Level of Power holds the Worlds of Pleasure, where living entities strive to exist in a world that bends to their skill and wisdom, and to be born and die each day, in a glorious cycle of Life.
The Third Level of Power holds the Worlds of Enlightenment, where living entities exist in a world that responds to their calls and is at one with their existence, so that they may be born and die in a glorious cycle of Life.
The Fourth Level of Power holds the Worlds of Control where living entities create and destroy and the non-living strive to serve them. Life and Death share the Worlds of Control, and compete for the riches. Many Answers come forth, as existence and non-existence flow through the Worlds when entities use skills that can transform what is, in a glorious cycle of Life.
The Fifth Level of Power holds the Worlds of Transcendence where entities strive to reach beyond the Why and into the Why Not. There, see the Yhw Ton through the veil that is the Sixth Level of Power. The glorious cycle of Life contains death within itself, so that entities can exist for as long as their skills enable them to survive.
The Sixth Level of Power holds the Worlds of Questions, where entities seek the truths of the Messengers, and battle to possess the keys that open the Gateways to the Center.
Life and Death merge with Question and Answer, and the face of the Lacuna emerges from the veil of the Six Centers. The Seventh is the Center, and contains the Center, the Seventh. Entities enter the Center through the Gateways, to exist and not exist in the nearness of the Empty Lacuna. Only those who fulfill the Yhw Ton and bear the terrible Truths of the Superverse can withstand the Emptiness, surrounded by the Six Centers, each Center with its Attribute, where the Messengers can be touched and the cycles of Life and Death transform into rebirth and glory. No entity has ever passed through the Six Centers at the same time, Focused on all Attributes and schooled in all Worlds, and able to bring the Yhw Ton to the Lacuna, to Answer all that is Asked, and resolve the Question that brought forth the Messengers.

Intellectual Attribute

Man must answer the questions of the mind: philosophy of existence and non-existence, the meaning of the Superverse, and the essence of the Lacuna.

Fire Elves provide technology to Man in all its forms, in order to allow various civilizations and cultures to develop so that Sentients can ask questions and seek answers.

The opportunity arose for some Men to migrate to other Worlds. They were to learn, bringing more answers to the World of the Intellectual. The Bezion Prophets arranged for the transfers through the Portals, which operated without problems before the Teachers were disgraced.
The Teachers were Men of the World of the Intellectual, but the Messengers adopted them to serve them in their Worlds. The Teachers were immortal and worked together, freely visiting each other’s Worlds before the Disgrace.
The Men in the World of Illicitness came to answer questions, and to ally with the World of Ethos to subvert the Messenger of Illicitness because the Messenger of Ethos agreed to allow Men to use the Great Temple to communicate with the Messenger of the Intellectual once The Great Temple of Illicitness accepted the new Ethos.

Physical Attribute
Energy and Power are everywhere in the World of the Physical. Ideas are stifled in favor of instinctive, impulsive Action. There are no Sentients in the World of the Physical, at least not on the First Level of Power. The Messenger of the Physical monitors the World of the Intellectual, to learn the value of Energy and Power to transforming beings such as the Fire Elves. Humanity is a side issue for the Messenger of the Physical because, although Man can act without thought, he always repents his Action because of the interference of Ideas. However, if the Messenger of the Intellectual is “for” Man, then the Messenger of the Physical will automatically be “against” Man. The World of the Physical tries to influence Man to ignore his Intellectual and Ethical restraints, and use Physical skills and resources to take Action. By doing so, the Messenger of the Physical restrains Man in the five Worlds from helping the Messenger of the Intellect in the World of the Intellect. Thus, the Messenger of the Physical might try to encourage Man in the World of Illicitness to engage in war, work with those who favor destruction or construction as opposed to the conservative forces for the status quo, and interfere with any attempt of Men to enquire into the Philosophical truths in any aspect of the Superverse.

Aesthetic Attribute
The World of the Aesthetic strives to be in Perfect Balance. The life forms are always in touch with the realities around them, whether they are dealing with the Messengers, or with the physical world they live in. Beauty is adored, and therefore some Aesthetic creatures have an affinity for the Intellectual Beauty, some for Physical Beauty, etc. The Messenger of Aesthetics dislikes conflict, so does little to interfere in the rivalry between the Messenger of the Intellect and the Messenger of the Physical, or the rivalry between the Messenger of Ethos and the Messenger of Illicitness. However, there is always a tension between the World of Aesthetics and the World of the Somatic, because the Messenger of the Somatic is interested in how life interacts with Truth, while the Messenger of the Aesthetic is interested in how life observes Truth. In the World of Illicitness, the Messenger of the Aesthetic has an alliance with The Messenger of Ethos, but plays only a small role in the World of Illicitness because of fear of disturbing the Balance. Whenever the Messenger of Illicitness threatens the Balance, then the Messenger of the Aesthetic will willingly help the Messenger of Ethos to restore it. Then again, when the Messenger of the Intellect tries to subvert the Messenger of Illicitness, this, too, threatens the Balance. Then the Messenger of Aesthetics help the Messenger of Illicitness maintain what must be. This is in accordance with the original agreements concerning the creation of Worlds and the role of the Temples. Sentients must bring the great Answers to the Messengers through the paths that living creatures, avatars, and archetypes forge in the Temples.

Somatic Attribute
The World of the Somatic is teeming with Life. When Man came there to visit, with the help of the Bezion Prophets, he found a World that, he assumed, existed only for his pleasure and his use. All creatures were there as food, or for sport, or to use to aid the development of Somatic skills such as improving the senses by experimenting with fragrant plants, tasty foods, or the like. The Messenger of the Somatic is always obsessed with the unimaginably insensitive attitudes of the Messenger of the Aesthetic. Why would any sentient entity, such as a Messenger, a Man, or a Troll Dwarf, want to watch Life instead of Living Life? The Messenger of the Somatic enjoys War, because it engenders Somatic pain, injury, and healing. The Wars of the World of the Somatic are incessant. The Sentients such as Troll Dwarves, Giants, and Titans are not the only beings who struggle. The instinct-driven creatures such as Dinosaurs, Leviathans, or the huge, flying Xorgons that love to smash into mountains or dive into lakes for the sheer joy of feeling the shock and pain of the experience, are always in injury-causing strife. All existence is continually inventing new ways to heal, repair, modify, or destroy the threads of perception that take the name of Reality. The Twergusi Dwarves in the World of Illicitness learned shape-shifting skills from agents of the World of the Somatic. These were giant Life forms, capable of virtually any shape that passed through the Portals before the Disgrace of the Teachers. The Messenger of the Somatic agreed not to encourage the Life forms, forerunners of the later Xorgons, and they soon stopped visiting other Worlds. In exchange, the other Messengers rarely interfere in the World of the Somatic. It has become a Source for healing and killing skills, such as the preparation of medicine and poison, or the meditative skills of healing, spirit walking, and the like. The Bezion Prophets established Schools and Portals for that purpose after the Messenger of the Intellect sent Man there. It was because of those Schools and their special understanding of the Portals that an infant Troll Dwarf entered the World of Illicitness. He came because of a panicked attempt by his parents to spare him from terrible war. The Troll Dwarves had clashed with the Giants. Troll Dwarves were disposed to the Messenger of the Intellect, whereas Giants favored the Messenger of the Physical while respecting their own Messenger as well. Sometimes a Giant or two would cross into other Worlds through the Bezion Portals, and would become Heroes in their new home because of their love of War and their great Courage.

Ethos Attribute
The World of Ethos is a word of Archetypes. All Ideas reside there. The Messenger of Ethos did not wish to create flawed Life, instead, all manner of Perfect Ethical Will inhabit the World of Ethos. The Messenger of Ethos watches over the Ethos of all the other Worlds by establishing Courts, granting Gifts of Great Worth, and the like. During the Disgrace of the Teachers, the craftsmen of the Messenger of Ethos, who lived secretly in the Mountains of the World of the Aesthetic despite the protest of the Messenger of the Aesthetic, built a fabulous Sword of Justice. This sword of pure Ivory was destined for Antioch, a Hero on the World of the Somatic. However, The Teachers had access to the Sword of Justice, and each used it to carry out the Will of their particular Messenger on their particular World. The reward for this generosity, of course, was that the Messenger of Ethos could then interfere in all the other Worlds, whenever Sentients would not be living within the bounds of their own Ethos. Thus, when the Messenger of Illicitness and the Messenger of the Intellect were at odds over the introduction Man into the Worlds, the Messenger of Ethos helped protect Man because his Free Will would allow him to follow his true Ethos, whether destructive or constructive. The Messenger of Ethos would learn the Truth about existence by watching and questioning the struggle to attain Ethical purity, and Man was the only Sentient who could fully appreciate that Free-Will goal. Men who visited the World of Ethos could not survive among the Perfect Archetypes, but they could be, and were, set up in their own societies to set up Courts and Schools to infect the whole Superverse with the wisdom of Ethics, at all Levels of Power. In the World of Illicitness, the Sword of Justice sought to control a set of Royal twins, elfin Princes of the Empire, to give them the opportunity to restore Justice in that World. The Empire was not Just, which is why the Elves were favorites of the Messenger of Illicitness for many years. The twins would be rivals for the sake of the Sword, if events did not confound their true natures. The Teacher in the World of Illicitness would monitor the use of the Sword and its consequences. The Messenger of the Intellect wanted Men to do well in all Worlds. The Messenger of the Physical wanted the opposite, because of the rivalry between the two Messengers. However, Men were flexible, and developed many ways to use Action and Strength. The Messenger of the Physical embraced the actions of man, however destructive, because they might reveal the Truths of the Superverse through deed and conquest. Therefore, the Messenger of the Physical sometimes helped and sometimes hindered the plans of The Messenger of Ethos, depending on the expected outcome. The Messenger of Ethos expected to alter the Great Temple in the World of Illicitness to enable him to learn from it, subverting the Messenger of Illicitness for his own needs. Man could help him accomplish that, if humanity could earn political and military power, knowledge of Ethical imperatives, and the right friends.

Illicitness Attribute
The World of Illicitness is a World of constant change. “Right” today will by definition be “Not Right" tomorrow. There was no need for concepts such as good or evil. There were only the pragmatic opportunities revealed by solutions that were right, and the danger of opportunities that grew from solutions that were wrong. This creates a World not of Chaos, but of continual creativity and destructiveness. When Man came to the World of Illicitness, he brought the potential to spread destruction and construction, to worship balance and to destroy balance, to Act without Thought, and to Think without Action. The Messenger of Illicitness wanted to stop the interference of Man, because Man came from the World of the Intellect, and the Messenger of the Intellect and the Messenger of Ethos were always helping each other to subvert the Great Temple and the structure of the World of Illicitness. The creatures on the World of Illicitness vary over the ages in accordance with the whims of the Messenger of Illicitness. First, there were the Twergusi Dwarves, then the Dragons, then Syrons, then Elves. The Centaurs learned of the Superverse and the Lacuna, and some hints of the existence of Worlds beyond their own, because of the clever mind of their King, and the passing of Secrets and discoveries of the Portals. Thereafter, the World of Illicitness was, paradoxically, out of the Control of the Messengers, because the Sentients forgot them in their haste to build Empire and civilizations. Men held the Sword of the Dragon, and the Messenger of Illicitness sought to have it stolen, to precipitate the destruction of the Kingdom of Men. That failed, so the Sword of Justice became the instrument by which the twin Elves might destroy the Empire. Allied with Humanity, the Empire might then become Human. Humans would rule, whether from in seats of power or from behind the curtains of existence. However, one twin had an idea to gain power by inciting a Civil War, and the other twin learned about the importance in the Superverse of all Six Messengers. The Elves could not handle the conflicts, but the Messenger of Ethos preserved the wisdom of the Swords in the Second Level of Power. The Messenger of Illicitness eventually agreed with the Centaurs that Man would be an asset, not a burden.

Man, with his Free Will, great Intellect, ability to learn many Physical Skills, appreciation of Aesthetic and Somatic balance, and willingness to do what was “right” while doing what was “wrong”, held the destiny of the Superverse in his fist, and became the favored Sentient among all the Messengers. Their quest became Man’s quest, and Man searches for Answers on every World of the Superverse, on all Six Level of Power. Ultimately, he might reach beyond the 49th World, and seek the presence of the Lacuna itself.